Berlin Patten Now Offers A Weekly Closing Status Notification

Due to the tremendous popularity of Berlin Patten’s weekly short sale notifications, we are very pleased to announce that after a great deal of work, we will now be bringing this feature to our closing process.

Starting this Friday, the buyer, seller, listing agent, and selling agent involved in any closing that is being handled by Berlin Patten will receive automatic weekly closing status updates that will include general information pertaining to the transaction, a calendar of critical deadlines, the status of significant events relevant to the closing, and a log of significant notes/comments.

The information will hopefully be very useful to the parties, and will be in addition to the frequent attention and communication that you will receive from your Berlin Patten closing team, which in every case includes a processor, paralegal, and attorney. The weekly closing status updates will begin this week for any matter that is scheduled to close with Berlin Patten after November 1, 2011.

With regard to our short sale process, so that we do not provide duplicative weekly updates, please note that any short sale matter that is being negotiated by Berlin Patten or a third party will continue to receive the short sale weekly update until the matter has been fully approved. The weekly closing status notifications will begin once the short sale matter is fully approved and delivered to Berlin Patten’s closing team.

Like the weekly short sale notification, we believe that the weekly closing status notification will be an extremely useful tool. Because it is the first of its kind in the region, please bear with us over the first several weeks as we iron out any kinks or glitches. We think you will be very pleased with the final result.

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