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Your Condo Purchase-Treat It As An Investment

Condominium purchases by their nature involve property rights that are more complicated than typical single family lots or properties.  We have written several blog articles relating to investigations that buyers and their realtors should undertake prior to their purchase (links are included at the end of this blog). It is said that ownership of real…
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Check Out My Title While BPE Resolves It!

One of the most frequent questions we receive from realtors involves the status of title to the property. The answer to the question “how is title” can be a source of great anxiety or a source of great relief. As a result, most people involved in any real estate transaction want the answer to that…
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Not Quite Sure When A Contingency Ends? Read This!

We are fortunate to have holidays and weekends to provide us with time for relaxation, fun times with friends and family, and time away from work to recharge. Legal holidays and weekends follow a different rule for contract contingency deadlines. Throughout this week and into the weekend, while most of us will be celebrating the…
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Balancing a Closing with Summer Vacation

During the summer when everyone is jet-setting on vacation, and year round as part time residents move in and out of Florida, we experience an increasing amount of closings where one or both parties cannot be physically present on the day of closing.  As this is a common occurrence, there are many ways to accomplish…
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New Legislation Helps Relieve Open and Expired Permit Issues

Good news is on the horizon for buyers and sellers with regard to open and expired permits! Having a permit and lien search done on a home that you are buying is an important step in your due diligence process. It is important to know what work has been done to the home, but more importantly, that any work done…
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Breaking News! “RON” Remote Online Notarization is coming to Florida

  The much-anticipated remote online notarization (“RON”), is set to arrive in Florida as of January 1, 2020. Florida will join the ranks of twenty-three other states that have either passed or have pending bills that allow online notaries to perform notarizations anywhere in the world (Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,…
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Take A Ride Down Memory Lane!

Who closed your real estate transaction 3, 5, 7, or 10 years ago?  My guess is you do not remember without making a call to your Realtor or trying to track down your prior deed.  More often than not the very documents that you wanted “hard copies” of at closing were filed away in your…
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Hurricane Season: The Good, The Bad and Still Closing.

Often, parties seeking to buy and sell real property only concern themselves with Florida’s Selling Season and do not take into consideration the other season – Hurricane Season.  Florida’s Hurricane Season is kicking off and now that Hurricane Irma is approximately two-years in the rearview mirror, Berlin Patten Ebling would like to remind our buyers…
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Summer is Coming…Landlord Tips to Beat the Rental Heat!

The weather is warm; the kids are out of school – it’s moving season!  Summer tends to be pretty active for landlords, with old tenants leaving and new leases being inked. Heading into the heat, here are a few tips for landlords to keep in mind so they can avoid getting burned. Self-Help only Hurts.…
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Look Before You Leap…Into A New Listing!

Real estate transactions can often be quite complicated and confusing for even the most savvy of Sellers and their agents. You would think that the most basic and straightforward step in the process would be determining who are the owners and who has the authority to convey the property and sign related paperwork, such as…
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