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At Berlin Patten Ebling, our law offices aren’t just committed to representing clients. Our attorneys and real estate marketing team are devoted to serving as your trusted resource on a variety of complex legal matters. So whether you’re searching for our perspective on wills and estate planning to learning about land contracts in Florida, we have a news story or blog post ready for you to read.

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Preventing Misappropriation of Construction Funds

Misappropriation of construction funds is a serious offense that can significantly impact construction projects and the parties involved, including contractors, subcontractors, and property owners. Florida Statute 713.345 addresses this problem within the construction industry, providing legal guidelines and consequences for those found guilty of the offense.

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A Cautionary Tale: The Hidden Risks of Transferring Property Ownership in Florida

Property owners in Florida enjoy various tax benefits.  Many people are aware of the fact that Florida residents who have established a homestead may claim a 3% cap on the annual increase in the assessed value of their homestead property.  However, the amount by which the assessed value of non-homestead residential property may increase is also capped at 10%.  That can result in significant savings over time, especially as property values continue to increase.

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Property insurance in Florida has become quite a challenge recently, with surging premium costs being driven by natural disasters, the rising price of reinsurance (fundamentally, insurance for the insurers), and a friendly litigation climate. Consequently, several major carriers are leaving Florida, further limiting Floridians to scour the insurance markets for

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3d rendering of a probate case courtroom with people in suits reviewing homestead property

A Florida Real Estate Agent’s Guide: Probate and Homestead Sales

While most real estate transactions involve property owned outright, agents often encounter clients dealing with inherited property through probate. Understanding the probate process is vital in providing comprehensive service to your clients. The Process of Inheriting Property for Probate Methods of Inheritance You can inherit real estate in several ways:

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