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At Berlin Patten Ebling, our law offices aren’t just committed to representing clients. Our attorneys and real estate marketing team are devoted to serving as your trusted resource on a variety of complex legal matters. So whether you’re searching for our perspective on wills and estate planning to learning about land contracts in Florida, we have a news story or blog post ready for you to read.

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Inspect Your Contracts

Inspections play a vital role in any real estate transaction, and it is imperative agents understand the inspection procedures proscribed in the purchase agreement. Real estate agents across the state of Florida are largely familiar with and utilize both versions of the FAR/BAR Contract. This contract may be the most

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a young couple (football player and famous pop singer) on the super bowl field excited to buy their first Florida home

A Super Deposit Dilemma

The big moment had finally arrived for Taylor and Travis. No, Trav did not kneel to the ground and pull out a ring just yet — they were going to the Super Bowl! As if that was not exciting enough, prior to departing for the big game, Tay and Trav

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Navigating Title Insurance Defects: A Practical Guide

Frequent readers of this blog may have noticed that we recommend that buyers of real property always obtain a title insurance policy in conjunction with their purchase. If you missed it, there it is again. We really mean it. The reason that we make that recommendation is that title insurance

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Partitioning Property

Here’s a scenario: You find yourself dealing with a situation where one member of an unmarried couple wants to sell their jointly owned home, but the other opposes the idea. A secondary scenario: The property was inherited by multiple children, and one of them is uncooperative or unresponsive to your

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property fraud

FREE: PROPERTY ALERT SERVICES (Help Stave off Property Fraud)

Fraudsters are perpetrating property fraud and forgeries in real estate transactions at alarming rates throughout Florida and nearly every other state in the Union, all without notice by buyers and sellers of the property. Fraudsters commit property fraud by utilizing a forged deed, a forged mortgage, or otherwise manipulating property

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