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Hurry, We Need to Sign…

When discussing a potential purchase with a client, you may hear, “It does not make a difference to us what type of contract we sign, we love the house and just want to make sure that we don’t lose it”. Stop! There are two standard forms, the FAR/BAR “AS IS” Contract and the FAR/BAR Standard…
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Home Inspection Reports: A Life Isn’t Fair Teaching Moment

Mel and Dani are your typical first-time homebuyers. They have scrapped and saved for years to accumulate their earnest money escrow deposit and mortgage down payment. To keep down costs, Dani convinced Mel a home inspection was not necessary because the lender was performing a 4 point inspection. As a result, their contractual due diligence…
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No Pets Allowed!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: After months of searching for the perfect Florida condo for your picky buyers, you have finally found the perfect unit that checks all of your buyer’s boxes. There is just one problem: NO PETS ALLOWED! As anyone who has ever had a beloved pet knows, pets are…
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This Is Not A Bill

  Believe it or not, September is here and the football season is upon us!…. well maybe…hopefully? I am more excited than ever for the toe to touch the leather, as it will mean that things are that much closer to getting back to normal, or the new normal. However, all that glitters is not…
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Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

When a deal falls apart, the parties frequently end up in a juicy deposit dispute. Like any other legal dispute, there are two sides for the parties to consider: the legal analysis and the practical implications. The purpose of this blog is to look at the practical side of the equation. Here is the short…
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The Old Switcheroo!

  You have a Seller ready to list the residence for sale, you’ve confirmed that the Estate of the original owner who passed away has been opened, and a Personal Representative has been appointed by the Court. Your Buyer is an investor who works with a Limited Liability Company (LLC) who wants to buy the…
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Prepare Your Buyer/Borrower for the Closing

  With the volume of closings that we have, we handle a lot of different personalities, situations, and behaviors when we go through our closing process. Being aware of these in advance, and perhaps trying to get ahead of the issues, can sometimes make the difference between a happy closing and a dramatic one. 1.…
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An Agent Is Always On Duty!

Picture this: your brand new listing went under contract after only 36 hours on the market. Your Seller is ecstatic. The Buyer is paying cash with a large escrow deposit and you are even in negotiations for a Backup offer from another hopeful Buyer. You head out of town for a preplanned family reunion with…
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My soon to-be-ex Needs to Sign What?

  Your friend of a friend from Michigan, Mr. Buyer, tells you he is newly retired, single, and ready to start the next chapter of his life in the Sunshine State, so he reaches out to you as his real estate agent to begin the property hunt. Two weeks later, he has found his dream…
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Keeping Up With The PACE

As PACE financing becomes more common, it is important to understand what a PACE financing lien is, whether seeking this type of financing makes sense for you, and how it could affect you when you are buying or selling property in Florida. So what is PACE financing? Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is an…
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