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Commercial Litigation

From Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships, Berlin Patten Ebling’s litigation team has extensive expertise in representing businesses of all sizes. We know any business’ focus is the bottom line – filing a lawsuit may not offer the ideal economic approach. So you need the best attorney to determine the best tools for solving a business dispute, and that’s our most valuable resource.

Negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation are all viable paths for resolving matters. Berlin Patten Ebling has experienced commercial attorneys providing insight and an aggressive approach in these areas.

Our Commercial & Business Litigation Services

  • Breach of contract claims 
  • Breaches of non-competition & non-solicitation agreements 
  • Business dissolution disputes  
  • Fraud & civil theft claims 
  • Corporate officer, director & shareholder liability  
  • Tortious interference with business relationships 
  • Defamation (slander & libel) 
  • Violations of deception & unfair trade practice laws 
  • Injunctions & declaratory judgement actions 
  • Title insurance claims & disputes 
  • Commission & deposit disputes 
  • Partition actions 
  • Boundary line disputes 
  • Quiet title actions 
  • Insurance disputes

Commercial Litigation FAQs

A commercial lawsuit is a type of dispute between two or more parties and typically includes contractual agreements, breach of contract claims, fraud and civil theft, and other business-related matters. With these often-complex situations, it is important to involve Berlin Patten Ebling’s experienced commercial litigation attorneys early in the process.

Commercial litigation is a fascinating area of law because of its wide variety of cases that affect Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships. It’s a highly specialized field, requiring the expertise of seasoned commercial litigation firms, like Berlin Patten Ebling, with acute knowledge of laws, regulations and court procedures.

Commercial litigation can be a rewarding career path if you’re passionate about problem-solving and you desire to help people and businesses resolve disputes. Working as a commercial litigation attorney is both a challenge and a reward, from gaining invaluable experience to utilizing a variety of legal strategies to represent clients effectively.

Lawyers have completed a law degree and provide legal advice and represent clients out of court or in court proceedings. Litigators are lawyers who only handle matters in courtlike commercial litigation – and strategically advise clients during disputes. They also can be involved in every issue from mediations to negotiations.

Real Estate Litigation

  • Title Insurance Claims & Disputes 
  • Commission & Deposit Disputes 
  • Partition Actions 
  • Boundary Line Disputes 
  • Quiet Title Actions 

Berlin Patten Ebling’s litigation team offers experienced advocacy and defense in resolving trust, estate, probate, and other inheritance disputes. We also resolve controversies and lawsuits involving wills, estates, guardianships, exploitation of the elderly, breaches of fiduciary duty and other contentious issues. Our talented litigation department handles matters ranging from will contests and breaches of fiduciary duties by trustees, to allegations of undue influence and lack of capacity. Berlin Patten Ebling’s seasoned attorneys will help you resolve a vast array of probate, trust, guardian, and fiduciary-related disputes – all while providing information and compassion to assist you in understanding what is often a complicated and emotional process.

Landlord-tenant Disputes

Not all leasing disputes require litigation. Berlin Patten Ebling’s litigation team provides a full array of comprehensive services to ensure our clients receive legal advice from basic issues to the most complex matters.

We believe it’s imperative that you have an experienced landlord attorney at your side for the entirety of any landlord-tenant relationship.

Accidents happen, and the results can alter your way of life. At Berlin Patten Ebling, our clients look to us because another person’s actions impacted their health and lifestyle. In Florida, pursuing your rights as soon as possible not only helps preserve vital evidence to support your case but is imperative since state law places a time limit on filings for personal injury lawsuits. And, with your case, requirements and conditions must be followed to ensure you’re eligible for certain insurance coverage.

At Berlin Patten Ebling, our attorneys know how stressful it can be to deal with legal issues and family litigation. From financial uncertainty to the emotional impact on your children, it can all weigh heavy on your mind. And to navigate this process efficiently and cost-effectively, you should seek the best attorney possible – a knowledgeable, sympathetic, and responsive professional who can guide you to achieve what you and your children deserve.

Berlin Patten Ebling’s foreclosure practice is committed to helping individuals or businesses that are parties to foreclosure proceedings and our attorneys are compassionate to the difficulties faced therein. The firm’s attorneys are experienced in lender workout agreements, loan modifications, pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure counseling and strategies. If you are facing foreclosure, our attorneys and staff can aid you in preparing your legal defenses, arrange for a homestead foreclosure conciliation conference, and assist in settlement negotiations with your lender.


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