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Sarasota Relocation Guide

Moving to Sarasota Tips and Resources 

In the home buying process, once you’ve secured the closing date you can begin planning the move to your new home. We hope this helpful guide will give you some tips and tools to make the logistics of moving and settling into your new home a little easier.

Apply for homestead exemption

Once you’ve signed the closing documents on your new residence and you qualify for homestead exemption, be sure to file before the deadline.
For eligibility:

  • You must be a permanent resident of Florida residing on the property where the homestead exemption is being sought (primary residence) as of January 1st.
  • The deadline to submit an exemption application for the current year is March 1st.

Click HERE to apply for Homestead online.

Start, stop or transfer utilities

Starting, stopping or transferring home utilities when moving is a task that some often forget to address due to the flurry of moving-related activities.

Keep in mind that switching utilities when moving takes time, especially if you’re moving in the summer – the peak of the moving season. It is best practice to begin giving notice to your current utility companies at least three weeks before your move date to ensure you get serviced on the dates you need.

Contact FPL


Start, stop, or move your electric service Florida Power & Light (FPL): or call (941) 917-0708

Teco People's Gas


Start, stop, or move your home gas service Teco People's Gas: or call (877) 832-6747

Get quotes & availability from movers, gather boxes, and begin packing

The first thing you want to do, and as soon as possible, is to begin gathering quotes and availability from licensed and insured moving companies. You can use sites like or which will help you collect and compare quotes from local movers, or you can use services like Yelp or yellow pages to gather local mover’s information and ask for quotes. Our Client Concierge will gladly assist you with this research.

TIP: Picking a day midweek and mid-month will save you money

Enrolling in School

If you’re unsure of what public schools you’re districted for, visit the ‘School Zone Finder’ HERE. Use the Layers List on the right hand side to select the various school zones by elementary, middle and high school zones.

For a full directory of Sarasota schools, please visit HERE

Sarasota also has a great number of combination, charter and private schools available for your children to attend.

Change Address

To let the post office know you are going to change your address and want your mail forwarded to your new location, you can update online HERE or go to your local post office.

Find your nearest USPS location HERE.

It is important when you relocate to keep the County informed of your current address. To change your mailing address on your real or personal property account, update HERE.

Update license, car registration

Florida requires that you update your address information on your driver’s license within 30 days of moving. The easiest way to renew your license and vehicle registration is online anytime at

The following will require a visit to one of the service centers with your required documents:

  • Applying for your first driver’s license or ID card
  • If your current card is expired and you have already used the one-time online renewal option
  • If you have changed your name since your last renewal (eg: marriage or divorce)

Voter registration

If you are moving from one address to another within Sarasota County or into Sarasota County from another Florida county, fill out the online form HERE to update the address for your new voter registration card. If you are moving from another state, open the link above and select the Florida Voter Registration Application.

Donation pick-ups and residential curbside collections

While you’re packing your belongings for the big move, you’ll come across items you may want to re-home. To have donations picked up from your home, you can call some of the following companies.

  • To schedule a donation pick-up click HERE.
  • HERE is a complete guide to Sarasota County residential curbside collections, and when Waste Management should be Contacted.
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