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At Berlin Patten Ebling, our law offices aren’t just committed to representing clients. Our attorneys and real estate marketing team are devoted to serving as your trusted resource on a variety of complex legal matters. So whether you’re searching for our perspective on wills and estate planning to learning about land contracts in Florida, we have a news story or blog post ready for you to read.

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Are Miniature Horses a Real Thing?

This author has learned that the answer to that question is “yes” (and, upon a quick Google search, they look to be adorable).  How is that remotely relevant to a real estate law firm’s blog?  Well, many Florida condominium and homeowner associations have rules that prevent or restrict an owner

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Navigating Condominium Special Assessments During a Transaction

Special assessments are those assessments imposed against condominium unit owners, other than those assessments required by the association’s annual budget.  Regular assessments, on the other hand, are fees collected from condominium unit owners for the payment of common expenses of the association.  Special assessments can result in significant financial burden

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Commercial Purchase with Tenants

Preparing Yourself for a Commercial Purchase with Tenants

While a SNDA and an Estoppel Certificate are usual and customary components to a commercial real estate transaction, their use may be foreign to first time buyers, sellers, or agents.  A “SNDA” is an acronym for a Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement. Use of a SNDA most often arises in commercial real estate transactions in which there is

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For the Diligent Condominium Buyer

The “Non-Developer Disclosure” contained within the FRBAR Condominium Rider (which recites Florida Statute 718.503(2)) requires the mandatory delivery of the following documents (by Seller) to the Buyer: Current copy of the Declaration of Condominium; Articles of Incorporation of the Association; Bylaws of the Association; Rules and Regulations of the Association;

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