There are differing opinions concerning homeowners who contest foreclosure proceedings in an effort to continue to stay in their homes without making mortgage payments. A recent article in the Sarasota Herald Tribune offers one perspective.

The article titled “Fighting a foreclosure may beat the alternative” written by Tom Lyons reads “Staying, it appears, can be better not only for you but quite possibly for the neighborhood and, ironically, even for the financial giant trying to boot you.” He goes on to say “And why leave without a legal fuss if more harm is the result? Foreclosure glutted financial institutions often leave homes sitting empty. Many have become notoriously bad owners that neglect homes, don’t pay fees to homeowners associations or condo boards, and don’t even mow or prevent the pool from becoming a stagnant algae vat and mosquito hatchery. Such mildew-growing nuisance homes lose far more value than homes in which the resident stays and takes care of the place. “

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Posted by Karen Gagliardi, Berlin Law Firm, Business Development Coordinator.

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