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Real Estate Lender Representation from Berlin Patten, Sarasota Real Estate Attorneys.

Lender Representation

Berlin Patten Ebling’s attorneys represent institutional and private lenders, and our services apply to the smallest private loans and the most complex commercial loans. In addition, our law firm handles many transactions for lenders – VA loans, FHA loans, SBA loans (both 504 and 7a), and nongovernment-backed loans. At Berlin Patten Ebling, we’re committed to establishing your goals up front, answering your questions, and keeping you informed with every step of your case.

Creditor Rights Representation

A bankruptcy notice from a federal bankruptcy court filing can be an alarming experience for any creditor or lender. At Berlin Patten Ebling, we specialize in creditor rights representation and helping our clients navigate bankruptcy. Our attorneys utilize every avenue that may enable clients to regain access to collateral or maximize payments to our clients’ claims.  

We know bankruptcy is a fast-moving process, and delays may stand in the way of a creditor’s ability to receive payments or object to treatment in a case. Therefore, if you become aware of a possible bankruptcy on an account, contact our law office immediately to use federal bankruptcy laws to protect rights to your collateral, and receive payment – or both.

Out-of-Court Workouts

An out-of-court workout can be a preferable, easier alternative to litigation or bankruptcy during a contractual default. And Berlin Patten Ebling’s legal team has extensive experience offering clients this representation. Consensual agreements, negotiated outside of court, can be the best option for all parties – and here’s why.  

Out-of-Court Workout Benefits

  • Can be a less-expensive alternative to litigation 
  • Negotiations/implementation of an out-of-court workout agreement may be less time-consuming than an agreement achieved after litigation 
  • Less court supervision and interference 
  • Creditors are entitled to more recovery, compared to bankruptcy filings 
  • Allows for creatively crafting an agreement that’s satisfactory and caters to the creditor’s needs 
  • Enables the default to be cured using beneficial terms to the creditor 
  • Creditors must consent for the workout to be successful 

Lender Representation

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