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Florida Lawmakers Approve Additional Funds for the My Safe Florida Home Program

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Last week, in a move addressing the state’s ongoing focus on hurricane preparedness, Florida lawmakers, during a special legislative session, voted to pass HB1C. This bill provides an additional $176 million in funding to the “My Safe Florida Home” program. The Governor is expected to sign the bill into law soon.

What is the My Safe Florida Home Program?

The My Safe Florida Home program is a statewide initiative through which Florida homeowners of single-family houses or townhomes can apply for a free home hurricane inspection report. The report is aimed at providing homeowners with information about their home’s hurricane readiness. If the home hurricane inspection report includes recommendations for improvements in certain areas, such as roofs, exterior doors, or windows, homeowners can apply for additional grant funding to assist with deferring the cost of such improvements.

Navigating Florida’s Insurance Landscape

Insurance costs in Florida continue to be an issue for Florida homeowners and homebuyers, largely due to the impacts of several recent hurricanes, including Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Idalia. The home hurricane inspection report could help homeowners focus on improvements to their homes that would protect against storms, obtain grant funding for such improvements, and ideally lower insurance costs. 

If you have a client who has been impacted by high insurance costs, they can apply for the free home hurricane inspection at

As always, if you have questions about the new legislation or the My Safe Florida Home program, reach out to your trusted real estate attorney to learn more.

Jill Bowen, Esq.

Jill Bowen, Esq.

Jill focuses her practice on Residential and Commercial real property transactions.

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