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At Berlin Patten Ebling, our law offices aren’t just committed to representing clients. Our attorneys and real estate marketing team are devoted to serving as your trusted resource on a variety of complex legal matters. So whether you’re searching for our perspective on wills and estate planning to learning about land contracts in Florida, we have a news story or blog post ready for you to read.

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For the Diligent Condominium Buyer

The “Non-Developer Disclosure” contained within the FRBAR Condominium Rider (which recites Florida Statute 718.503(2)) requires the mandatory delivery of the following documents (by Seller) to the Buyer: Current copy of the Declaration of Condominium; Articles of Incorporation of the Association; Bylaws of the Association; Rules and Regulations of the Association;

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Disclose, or not to Disclose, that is the question…

Disclosure related matters are an issue we deal with on a reoccurring basis.  Years ago the Florida Supreme Court ruled that if a seller of a home knows of facts materially affecting the value of the property which are not readily observable and are not known to the buyer, the

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Complying with the Escrow Rule

Under Rule 61J2-14.008 of the Florida Administrative Code, a real estate licensee who prepared or presented the contract (“Licensee”) must make sure the contract contains the name, address and phone number of the escrow agent, which applies to all escrow agents, not just attorneys and title companies. The Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Contract

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The AS-IS Contract And Disclosure

When a transaction is an AS-IS sale, the seller often insists that the property is in “AS-IS” condition in an attempt to reduce repair limits/credits and possibly shift the responsibility for determining the true condition of the property to the buyer.  It is well known that the buyer is typically

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Parties To A Contract

We have noticed a recent increase in last minute attempts to “change parties to a contract.” Here are some useful pointers when doing so:   First, make the change as early on in the process as possible.  This is particularly important for two reasons.  First, if the transaction is a

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Should I Order A New Survey Or Rely On A Prior Survey?

Our clients often ask this question when they are purchasing residential property. You can only rely on the prior survey if the Seller has an existing survey accurately depicting the property and the Seller can sign an affidavit at closing that there have been no changes to the property since

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