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Residential Real Estate

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Whether buying or selling residential real estate in Florida, ensure your contracts and property don’t include unwanted surprises. You need the best lawyers to handle what can come your way. Berlin Patten Ebling’s residential real estate attorneys are ready to protect you, assure a smooth transaction, and deliver peace of mind.

Our residential real estate attorneys act as your closing agent among the wide range of services our real estate law firm offers. If legal questions arise during the transaction, Berlin Patten Ebling’s lawyers can provide expert advice – and a title agency cannot.

Residential Real Estate Matters We Handle

  • Negotiating terms of the real estate purchases and sales agreements 
  • Drafting residential property contracts 
  • Reviewing contracts to ensure clients’ interests are protected
  • Explaining material contract terms to ensure clients fully understand 
  • Discussing types of ownership and title to the property 
  • Reviewing and analyzing the status of title to the property
  • Resolving title issues 
  • Reviewing Surveys and resolving issues 
  • Preparing and/or reviewing closing documents 
  • Reviewing loan documents and mortgage agreements 

More Residential Real Estate Services

Our team of attorneys can also assist with the preparation and review of documents beyond the standard closing documents including but not limited to: 

Residential Real Estate

Of Counsel Attorneys

Residential Real Estate Articles

Everything You Need to Know About
Florida’s Real Estate Attorneys

Costs associated with hiring Florida real estate attorneys can vary, depending on your occasion’s complexity, the attorney’s experience and services required to ensure a smooth transaction. Consulting with multiple attorneys is an informed way to get an accurate quote for tailored legal guidance, like what we offer at Berlin Patten Ebling.  

Real estate attorneys specialize in legal matters related to property transactions, contracts and disputes. Among the range of services offered at Berlin Patten Ebling, our real estate attorneys can also act as your closing agent. While not mandatory, an attorney can provide guidance that both protects your interests and mitigates risk. 

Real estate attorneys not only specialize in legal matters related to transactions, but negotiate deals, conduct title searches, handle closings, offer expertise in reviewing contracts, and resolve disputes. Berlin Patten Ebling’s real estate attorneys also assist with preparation and review of leases, escrow agreements, property agreements, foreclosure litigation and more.  

It’s not mandatory in Florida. However, real estate attorneys near you can provide valuable legal expertise that protects you from unwanted surprises throughout your transaction. Experienced attorneys, like Berlin Patten Ebling’s legal team, assure compliance with state laws and can safeguard their client’s best interests, whether they’re a buyer, seller or investor 

The average salary of a Florida real estate attorney varies based on numerous factors, including years of experience, location and size of the law firm. However, the average salary range for real estate attorneys is typically $85,000 to $150,000 – or more. 

Florida does not require an attorney for real estate closings, and you may choose to hire a title agency to oversee a transaction. However, having an experienced legal guide – like the real estate attorneys at our firm can ensure your occasion is conducted smoothly. Title agencies cannot provide legal expertise. 

Yes – a lawyer can sell Florida real estate if they hold a valid real estate license. Active members of the Florida Bar Association are exempt from the real estate pre-licensing course and continuing education. However, lawyers, such as real estate attorneys, are required to undergo post licensing courses for sales associates and brokers.  

We have seen a wide variety of situations arise, as experienced real estate attorneys near you. In fact, you can sue a realtor in Florida for breaching their professional duties or engaging in questionable ethics and misconduct. Before proceeding, seek guidance from an attorney regarding your legal matter.  

Sellers – you are not required to hire a real estate attorney near you to oversee a transaction. However, it’s a smart move to seek expertise from a lawyer who always has your best interests in mind. Explore Berlin Patten Ebling’s suite of services to learn how we ensure smooth transactions.  

In Florida, the party responsible for choosing a closing attorney differs with every occasion. Both sides – the buyer and seller – have reasons for selecting real estate attorneys, like our legal team at Berlin Patten Ebling. It’s entirely negotiable and depends on the terms agreed upon in the transaction.  

There are several steps involved in estate closings. The executor must complete various tasks, like filing documents, paying debts and taxes, distributing assets and obtaining court approval. Berlin Patten Ebling’s real estate attorneys are experienced on the property-side of this endeavor, and our probate lawyers have handled a range of situations.

The Gulf Coast of Florida is one the hottest markets nationwide, and obtaining a real estate license here can be worthwhile. At Berlin Patten Ebling, our real estate attorneys are a resource to agents in the community, hosting seminars on the latest legal trends and more.

Typically, the property buyer is not responsible for paying the realtor. The seller covers the total commission, which is split between both agents. It’s common for realtors to utilize the expertise of a real estate attorney, such as the team at Berlin Patten Ebling, throughout a transaction.  

Florida utilizes both title companies and real estate attorneys – closing attorneys in transactions. The choice between the two depends on various factors, including preferences of the parties involved and the complexity of the situation. However, real estate attorneys near you can provide legal advice whereas a title agency cannot.  

As experienced real estate attorneys, we know this varies by location in Florida. For instance, in Sarasota and surrounding counties, it’s customary for the buyer to pick. However, it’s the opposite in many parts of the state. No matter where your Florida property is located, who picks the title company is a negotiable term of the contract.  

Closings are handled by either a real estate attorney or a title company, depending on the preferences and agreements of the parties involved in the transaction. Berlin Patten Ebling’s real estate attorneys offer a variety of legal services that are capable of protecting you – and delivering peace of mind.  

Your Guide for Smooth Transactions with a Real Estate Lawyer

You are not required to hire a real estate lawyer. However, it’s highly recommended that you seek guidance from a real estate lawyer to ensure no unwanted surprises come your way. For example, at Berlin Patten Ebling, our real estate lawyers can provide advice in response to any legal questions that may arise during a transaction.

No – this is not mandatory. However, a real estate lawyer can help you mitigate risks and protect your best interests, whether you’re a buyer, seller or property investor. Real estate lawyers near you, like those at Berlin Patten Ebling, aim to provide expertise that delivers you peace of mind throughout your closing.  

Utilizing a real estate agent is not required in Florida. For beginners – and many experienced sellers – a realtor can provide expertise pertaining to your specific market and guide you throughout the sale. Hiring a real estate lawyer near you also ensures you’re protected during the transaction.  

Yes a real estate license is required to sell property in Florida. Whether you’re looking to become an agent, broker or salesperson, a license ensures that you have met the necessary qualifications and regulations to engage in transactions. Employing the legal knowledge of a real estate lawyer not only can safeguard your interests but ensure the details of your transaction follow the law. At Berlin Patten Ebling, our real estate lawyers also host seminars to educate industry professionals on the latest trends.  

As real estate lawyers who are well-connected with Gulf Coast agents, we know the Florida real estate exam can be challenging. In fact, this exam has a 43% pass rate, according to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). While the exam covers topics like laws, contracts, finance and ethics, having a real estate lawyer overseeing your future transactions can minimize risk. Berlin Patten Ebling’s team of real estate lawyers have helped realtors navigate occasions of varying complexities for years.  

A realtor’s salary can vary widely depending on numerous factors, such as location, experience and the region’s market. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the median gross income for realtors was just over $54,000. However, top-performing agents can earn a significantly higher income. A real estate lawyer near you can also help realtors have a smooth transaction. For example, Berlin Patten Ebling’s real estate lawyers not only handle closings but a wide array of occasions involving properties.  

Average salaries for real estate agents in Florida are contingent on experience, market conditions and individual performance. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, reported average income for agents ranged from nearly $25,000 to over $160,000 in 2022. Utilizing a real estate lawyer’s expertise can also help ensure your clients are protected. For both new and experienced agents, Berlin Patten Ebling’s real estate lawyers conduct seminars on the latest legal trends and publish resources that are extremely useful for staying educated on the market.  

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